CPL Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a tier and how are they determined?
A: As of CPL6, there are 4tiers determined by MMR as follows: Tier 3 for the lowest MMR, typically sub 1300/1400~. Tier 2 between 1400~ and 1600~, Tier 1 between 1600 and 1800, and finally Tier 0, which also includes any assistant coaches, is 1800 and above. However as MMR doesn't always accurately represent one's tier, the results of the preseason are also taken into account. The MMR threshold for each tier may be re-adjusted based on the MMR distribution of the participants.

Q: What if the tier I am placed in is way too difficult/easy for me?
A: CPL tries to have players face-off against similarly skilled opponents. While there are variations due to match-ups and style, if a player is clearly not in its corresponding tier, the team administrator can recommend the player be moved. Note that the player can also ask for it.

Q: What is the preseason?
A:The preseason typically runs for 2 weeks before (you guessed it) the season. Players are split into groups of 5 as per the MMR stated in their registration. All games are BO1 on a pre-set map. Each week has a different group in order to fine-tune the tier assignment and to allow coach to view some games to help them pick players for their teams (see below about that). The second objectice of the preseason is to help familiarise players with the discord channel, replay reporting, and to check activity.

Q: How are the teams made? A: The coaches are split evenly into a certain number of teams. Once this is done, they proceed with a draft, picking a number of players of each tier. Usually teams are made based on timezones, existing friendship and race distribution to ensure the best training/practice environment within each team.

Q: When will the actual season start?
A: CPL6 preseason is currently (2nd week of December 2020) underway and will end next week (3rd of December). Then the team selection draft will occur and the season will be ready to start early January 2021. Follow discord and TL for exact dates!

Q: What can I expect after I am assigned a team?
A: While each team may organize itself the way it likes, there are some staples : each player will be assigned a tier, each team will have coaches (who cannot play in any CPL games, except showmatches), assistant coaches (who can play in CPL) and team admins. The coaches and assistant coaches are all high level players who are here to help, however it is also important to note that a successful team also consists of any tier helping other tiers. This can take many forms, from dedicated strategy channels to practice partners to sharing resources or asking for a replay to be analyzed. The team admins are here to submit the lineups, check on their players if they want to change tiers, collect the replays if needed, etc... Team admins are doing it on top of their regular player schedule so do try and work with them to ensure a smooth season.

Q: Looking through the previous CPL tournaments, I can see that all teams have interesting names, how did they come to be?
A: Once you are in a team, it is every player's responsibility to come up with a name! Pitch it in your dedicated team discord channel (you will be automatically given access to it) or vote for another suggestion you like.

Q: Do I need to create a specific account for CPL on Battle.net?
A: No, you only need to use your normal one. Just do try to use the same throughout the season so that your opponent can easily find you.

Q: How do I know if I play on any given week and what the match-up is?
A: Discord is the source of all information regarding the CPL while it runs. So please check it as often as possible. The team admin will ask for volunteers to play (there is a set number of slots for each tier) and submit it to the league admin. The opponent team does the same, and the matchup are released. You have a week to prepare and play.

Q: Once I know my opponent, how do we play? A: The default channel in CPL on US West, though you can agree to play anywhere (CPL on Europe being a secondary channel that is quite active too). Try and talk to your opponent on discord as soon as possible to find a time that works for both of you. The CPL has players from all over the world so do keep it in mind. In the event that you cannot agree a time, default time applies (usually a Saturday or Sunday early evening European time). If you cannot make it, please let your team admin know well in advance so he can find a substitute player. The substitute must be of the same race though.

Q: What if my team does not have a substitute of the same race for my tier?
A: A player from a lower tier can play instead, but never the other way around.

Q: What do I do after the games?
A: The games are all bo3, first of all save ALL your replays and name them please. Example on week 1 ash.Baal plays LazerSnipe for tier 1, the replays should be named W1-BaalvsLazerSnipe-T1-G1 (for game 1). Exact naming convention will be posted after the teams are done. It does not matter whether you win or lose, please upload all your game in the googledrive directory for your team and for the correct week. Failure to upload replays may result in a penalty or a win not being awarded.

Q: Why are replays so important?
A: Replays are needed for the casters to cast the games, they are also useful for coaching purposes and also for you and your teammates during the season as the teams face each other several times.

Q: Can anybody cast even if they have little/no experience?
A: Yes! CPL is also looking for new casters, just link up with the league admins to be added to the caster list. This is to ensure you do not cast games that were already casted and to follow some sort of schedule in order to avoid conflicts (several casters at the same time for different games). There are a lot of games to cast so there will always be room for everyone!